Activate full functionality

Get your personal activation key - for each callsign:

You should get a proper activation key for each of your callsigns. For example, if you're using callsigns ZZ1AAA, ZZ1AAA/P, RA/ZZ1AAA - you need 3 keys. Any new combination of chars in callsign needs new key.


Temporary keys are supplied only for testers, when the author claims that new functionality is being developed and tested. All the rest receive a permanent key with expiration of 2099-12-31. We hope that this is calm enough ... All the permanent keys are available after donation, the minimum donation for one key is US$ 15 (worldwide) or 10 euros (EU and former Soviet countries) or 300 Russian rubles (for residents only Russia - callsigns in UA1, UA2, UA9; since April, 28, 2018) or 10 Belorussian rubles (for Belarus residents - callsigns in EW). You can ask for personal exceptions if you can argument it... Now only two are defined: SWLs (short-wave listeners, for one SWL Callsign) and children's HAM Radio Clubs (for one Club Callsign) .


You can ask for activation key by pressing the button: