Download, try and enjoy

1). Just download the distribute archive [i.e. Kernel + BASE Pack], and expand (unzip) it into desired (non-root!) directory.

2). Download additional plugin pack(s), if needed. Put desired plugins into "Plugins" folder.

3). Run CheckLog.exe with demo database (included), or delete demo database and create your own one.


Don't forget ask for activation key, if you need it for kernel. All plugins connected to the kernel do not require activation.

Free trial version doesn't need activation keys at all.


System components

Kernel 1.04.019 (mandatory)

BASE plugins pack (mandatory)

UR5EQF_Log3 plugins pack

GetBurUR plugin

UpdRA9CTV plugin

VERIFYING plugins pack

Free trial version

Release 1.04.018

Компоненты системы

Ядро 1.04.019 (необходимо)

БАЗОВЫЙ пакет плагинов (необходим)

Пакет плагинов для UR5EQF_Log3

Плагин GetBurUR

Плагин UpdRA9CTV

Пакет плагинов ВЕРИФИКАЦИИ

Бесплатная пробная версия

Релиз 1.04.018