New features


The distributive package contains the program (CheckLog.exe) and some necessary libraries for ssl-based secure connection to the desired websites. You should download this package, unpack it into proper directory (i.e. C:\CheckLog\ - for example)... and start executable file CheckLog.exe (anti-virus check-up completed).

All the necessary directories and databases will be create automatically. You can start your operations immediately, if you have an activation key - special code generated especially for your callsign, personal or any other. If no - see below, "how to activate"...

Changes since the last release

Version 1.04.018 - "monolythe" realization; all the functions is supported by single program, checklog.exe (no other files exclude SSL libraries needed).

Version 1.04.019 - function set is "splitted" between the stable kernel (database support and data visualization), and a number of loadable plugins. So, you should download the product itself, and desired packs of plugins: [BASE], [UR5EQF] and so on... Some packs like [SERVICE] and [DEMO] included in distributive. At least you need product itself and [BASE] plugin pack. The rest is depend on your personal wishes and goals.

Minor changes

03-Jul-2018: Re-issued BASE pack (0703), changes in GetLOTW.ext plugin (compatibility with Windows XP).

04-Jul-2018: Re-issued UR5EQF_Log3 pack (0704), changes in AppUR5EQF.ext plugin.

05-Jul-2018: Re-issued VERIFYING pack (0705), changes in VrfLOTW.ext plugin (compatibility with Windows XP).

How to activate full functionality?

Please read information on ACTIVATION KEYS page. Fill the form, check and send it! You should make a donation to Author, after sending a form (via paypal, or according the instructions from the Author). Your activation code will be sent by e-mail (in a reply after donation is made).

Just enter it in a special form while the program initiates. You'll get full-functional program immediately.

Remember: all issued keys are applicable to all versions of CheckLog. Obtain it once, you don't need to upgrade activation forever.

Who can explain me...

Read UNDERSTANDING page. If you find an answer - ok, we're happy. Maybe, you too.

If the desired answer is not found - you can send a question to our assistant, Chikitta:

Please be patient - we're not a specialized computer/software company, and have not a special support stuff. Author will answer you as soon, as possible. But not momentary, sure.

Bad news...

On April 28, 2018, the sole decision of RX3X (I do not even want to know his name) on the discussion thread I created at for CheckLog development and support was blackguardly censored. My account was blocked, without the possibility to participate in the talks of my own product. ES1BA present himself as a provocateur, «spying» for my development from the first days of publication. Regarding this, I must inform you that RX3X and ES1BA will never receive the activation keys for the CheckLog System. Never while the system exists. In addition, I insist on higher expenses of the «passive and silent part» of consumers UA1, UA2 & UA9 - now for them the amount of the minimum donation will increase by 100 Russian rubles. 

Update as of May 7, 2018. It seems that they decided to permanently block me access to Nothing else to wait for these dolls. Let them entertained while I continue to improve the system.